What is gopher protocol?

Answer The Gopher protocol was a system used to view and organize text files before the World Wide Web. Files in the Gopher protocol could be viewed from remote computers using Gopher applications, accord... Read More »

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What is a gopher proxy?

The website permits any Web browser to use Veronica-2, which is a search engine for Gopher pages. The website also allows the Web browser to view Gopher-protocol documents. A serve... Read More »

What year were Gopher& FTP sites invented?

FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, was originally published on April 16, 1971 as Request For Comments. It took the FTP name in October 1995. Gopher was originally developed in 1992 at the University o... Read More »

How to Get Rid of a Gopher?

Gophers, also called ground squirrels, are small rodents that burrow and live underground. They can grow to about 18 inches long, but weigh only about 4 ounces. People consider gophers disruptive o... Read More »

The Characteristics of a Gopher?

One particularly tenacious gopher gained a cult following after wreaking havoc on a golf course in the classic comedy "Caddyshack." While most people don't resort to Bill Murray's crazy antics to c... Read More »