What is good to mix with crown royal whiskey?

Answer A silver label rum, grenadine, Hawaiian fruit punch, and OJ just are excellent to mix with crown royal. Its makes a nice punch or cocktail.

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Is Maker's Mark 46 a good whiskey for Shots?

Couple tequila shot after that you won't give a **** what you drinking

Should I have a whiskey?

A friend went to see Ludavico Einaudi in Bristol t'other day! A great gig by all accounts.But to answer the question, yes, you should have a whiskey!

What do you like to mix with your whiskey?

What whiskey do you reccomend?

wow! popular question!anyway all you need to know is this:so you like glenfiddich. you cant not like glenfiddich its the most accessable malt available, very nice and very light. good place to star... Read More »