What is good parenting?

Answer Good parenting is a broad term used by parents to achieve a common goal when raising children; successful, productive and happy adults and the method to achieve this requires a combination of multi... Read More »

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Is this an example of good or bad parenting?

That is an example of bad parenting. He had a choice between talking to his daughter and shooting her laptop. He took the cowards way out of the situation. It appears that the only parenting skills... Read More »

Is this good parenting or what..?

perfect Make sure the next one is an alcoholic

Have you ever taken a parenting class, or did your parents do a good enough job with you?

Neither my wife nor I ever took a parenting class; they didn't really have anything like it back in our day.The positive parental guidance that we both received was never a conscious effort to teac... Read More »

A Few Actual Parenting Questions For The Parenting Section..?

5 - 12, 10, 7, 6, 5getting the kids to help - looking after 5 kids by myselfYep I always have down days - doesn't every parent?I love dancing and singing with them, sometimes craft projects and oth... Read More »