What is a good breakfast that contains good protein?

Answer 1- Eggs:Eggs are rich in protein, with 6 grams per whole egg. If cholesterol or fat is a concern, limit your consumption or consume two egg whites in place of one whole egg.2- Dairy:Most milk produ... Read More »

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What is a good beer for breakfast?

I persoanlly like Fat Tire for breakfast. Though sometimes you need something like a corona. Depends on the night before.

What is a good idea for breakfast in bed?

Chocolate sauce and whipped cream in a can.Well, I would suggest to just skip the breakfast.Maybe later have some Froot Loops or something.;)Edit: Throw some sprinkles on, too.Walt: Just throw the ... Read More »

What is a good breakfast to eat before exams?

Eat a dark chocolate , it sounds crazy but dark chocolate is really good for your brain. It increases memory and sharpness of your brain. Helps you recall things better. So you know what to have no... Read More »

What is good for breakfast besides an egg and toast?

Brussels sprouts with shredded cheese on top(serious,it's the Best!)...fresh from the produce is 100% better than frozen in a bag...Good Morning :) (with a smile)