What is good for bee sting I walked through a swarm, I was stung 9 times...?

Answer If you are stung by a bee:Call emergency medical services if you have a history of severe reactions to insect stings or if you experience any severe symptoms as described above. Determine if the st... Read More »

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Is it normal for a bee sting to be swollen Will you ever no get stung by a bee?

You have been stung; it is normal to have had some kind of reaction to any sting! I have never been stung by a bee; bees do not tend to sting unless provoked, as the sting is part of their body and... Read More »

Stung by a bee 4 times?

Bees are venomous insects, when they sting you they inject a very mild venom. It irritates your skin and it's very painful but it's not dangerous in itself. They sell creams and sprays at your loca... Read More »

Can wasps sting multiple times?

A wasp's stinger is similar to two small swords working together in the way that when one sword in pushed into a victim's skin, it works as an anchor while the second part of stinger is pushed deep... Read More »

How many times can a bumble bee sting insted of a hornet?