Does anyone know a good hang over cure?

Answer Take an advil and go back to sleep.

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What do you take for hang over?

Any McDonalds Value Meal, typically the 2 cheeseburger one. The Coke has almost medicinal properties. It's supposedly the way Coke is really supposed to taste. It's so smooth almost like ice cream.... Read More »

Yesterday my b-day, and 2day hang over what can i do?

superman keep off the booze drink plenty of waterflush it out..!!

What is the best cure for a hang over?

A litre of water with a teaspoon of sugar and a teaspoon of salt dissolved in the water. When you drink you lose water and salt from your body. The hangover is your bodies way of telling you to rep... Read More »

What is your cure for a blazing hang over?

is it that bad sweetie, why don't you start pumping some iron, maybe girls like you better then