What is good food to eat before going out on a drinking session?

Answer Carbs. Bread, pasta, rice, milk. Have some bread with some butter on it.

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Is drinking cold milk before going bed good or bad?

Milk contains fat and that gives you sustained energy. Warm or cold will affect your liver, but not to the extent of keeping you awake. The problem is that the milk will do two things, it will gi... Read More »

Im going out drinking tonight. What can I drink before hand to coat my stomach so it wont burn going down?

milk with some antiacids...but, how's about you just don't get drunk? oooooh! there's a good idea!

Drinking before going home?

You get out of work at 8, so calculating one drink per hour, let's see: 8 (1 drink) 9 (1 drink) 10 (1 drink) 11 (1 drink) 12 (1 drink) 1 (go home) That would work, but if you do this: 8 (2 drinks) ... Read More »

Is drinking coffee a good idea before a test?

Drinking one or two cups of coffee will make you more alert, I personally drink it to help me write. However, it is also a diuretic, which means it will pull water out of your system and make you u... Read More »