What is good debt?

Answer For most people, the word "debt" has a negative connotation. However, there is such a thing as "good debt," and establishing good debt can help you build a positive financial future.What is Good De... Read More »

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Is debt consolidation or debt relief a good idea?

On One Hand: Reduce or Minimize Your BillsDebt relief and debt consolidation programs offer to reduce monthly bills, or eliminate certain debts completely. Total Debt Relief is one company that mak... Read More »

Is debt consolidation good or bad?

On One Hand: Depends on Your SituationDebt consolidation works best if you own a home, take out a second mortgage or home equity line of credit, and pay off your bills using that. The idea is that ... Read More »

Is debt a good thing?

On One Hand: Too Much Debt is BadIf you have trouble making ends meet each month, can only pay the minimums on your credit cards and are not saving any money, you probably have too much debt, accor... Read More »

The Good Reasons to Have Debt?

While none of us want to owe money to anyone, many Americans carry debt. This debt can affect our ability to get a loan by the way it appears on credit scores. Not all debt appears the same way on ... Read More »