What is good compost?

Answer Compost results from the breakdown of compostable materials. That decomposition may be carried out aerobically, or anaerobically. Aerobic decomposition takes place with the help of oxygen. Anaerobi... Read More »

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Why is compost so good?

Creating a compost pile not only benefits the environment, it can also directly benefit you. Composting does not require a lot of work and you can start one with just a few household materials. In ... Read More »

Is dog **** good for compost for my garden?

Is horse **** good for compost?

What are some materials that are GOOD and BAD to put in a compost bin?

Good: Manure from vegetarian animals, cow horse, chicken, rabbit, goat.Bad: Feces from carniverous animals, dogs, cats.Good: Kitchen scraps that are vegetable in nature, peelings of fruits and vegi... Read More »