What is good about school uniforms?

Answer Many parents, teachers and school officials believe that wearing school uniforms is a good and creative way to reduce discipline issues as well as to increase safety at schools.Peer pressure decrea... Read More »

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Are school uniforms good or bad?

On One Hand: Promote Focus and DisciplineThe logic behind school uniforms is that they encourage discipline while diminishing economic and social barriers among students, according to the website g... Read More »

Good Points for School Uniforms?

Over the past few years, more schools have begun to require students to wear school uniforms. While more schools are going this route, not all school boards, students or parents are sold on the ide... Read More »

Are school uniforms a good idea?

On One Hand: School Violence Is ReducedMany people believe uniforms lower school violence, since no one fights in school about sneakers, jeans or other clothing possessions when everyone wears the ... Read More »

Good Reasons for School Uniforms?

The debate over the necessity of school uniforms is one of education's timeless debates. Parents and students have questioned the authority and motivation a school has in implementing uniform polic... Read More »