What is good about drinking acohol?

Answer Heart health. If you drink a drink a day, it's like taking an aspirin a day for your heart. It thins the blood. Als the funny feeling and reduced inhibitions are great in the right company. PS.... Read More »

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What are some GOOD and BAD things about drinking COFFEE?

One benefit of drinking a daily cup of coffee is improved mental performance. Coffee helps improve alertness, attention and wakefulness that can actually improve mental and work performance. Groggy... Read More »

Iv been drinking about 3-4 cans of red bull a day and i heard its not that good for you?

It doesn't reduce your sperm. And honestly, you eat the weirdest parts of animals' bodies every single day, unless you're vegetarian, so why are you worried about it containing a completely natura... Read More »

We all hear about the positives but what about the negatives of drinking water?

Besides making a person go to the bathroom too often they are alot of chemicals in our water systems these days that can cause infections or sicknesses. That's why those filters are very helpful.

What is so bad about not drinking alcohol?

Unfortunatley hun that is the sort of society we live in today, most people label teenagers and put them all into one group of hoodies, drunks, smokers, druggies etcWhat people don't realise is tha... Read More »