What is good about copyright laws?

Answer In the U.S., federal copyright protection was established in the Constitution with the first Copyright Act of 1790 being passed by Congress. As technology has progressed, copyright law has spread ... Read More »

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Copyright Laws in the USA?

The United States' Copyright Act is federal law that protects a creator's original works. Copyright law is set forth in Title 17 of the U.S. Code and governs what works are copyrightable, the right... Read More »

Copyright Laws on Piracy?

Copyright violation, sometimes referred to as piracy of intellectual property, is a serious and widespread crime. While copyright piracy has been going on for decades, the ease with which copyright... Read More »

Computer Copyright Laws?

Copyright gives the right to production and protection of individual work. Any physical or virtual document--literary, dramatic, musical, artistic or other intellectual work--is protected under U.S... Read More »

Why are copyright laws important?

Copyright laws are designed to protect the rights and financial ability of the creator of an individual piece of work, and these laws are important for many reasons.ProtectionCopyright law determin... Read More »