What is good about animal testing?

Answer According to Santa Clara University, scientists use 20 million animal in experiments each year. Animal rights groups believe this to be ethically wrong, but sometimes, animal testing provides the o... Read More »

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A question about animal testing...?

Before anything can be used it has to be tested on animals. These companies that say they don't test on animals know that the ingrediants they use have already been tested - plus if they use these... Read More »

Is animal testing good or bad?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Saves Human LivesAnimal testing is necessary to develop and ensure the safety of life-saving medical treatments like antibiotics, vaccines, insulin and cancer drugs. Ani... Read More »

Are animal testing&experiments good?

On One Hand: Animal Testing Has Benefitted HumansAccording to the Pennsylvania Society for Biomedical Research (PSBR), major medical advancements have benefited from animal testing including better... Read More »

What is T4 in animal testing?

T4 is a thyroid hormone that contributes to hypothyroid conditions. T4, also known as thyroxine, is commonly used in animal testing in an attempt to produce medications to treat this condition in d... Read More »