If i come in front of train, what is gonna happen?

Answer In 9 months you will get a baby train.

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What's gonna happen to the Teletubbies when all tv goes digital?

What gonna happen in supernatural season 5?

A layer of the sky that is lighter than the rest due to the way the moon is that night.

Way too much sugar today :( what's gonna happen to me?

If it was just today you don't have to worry about diabetes at all. You may feel kind of sick, I suggest some excerise when you get a chance to help.Hope it works:)

I just got my finger stuck in a car door whats gonna happen?

just put ice on it and ur finger nail might come off but it will be okay. i promise it will be just fine. wrap a washcloth around ur ice and tape it to ur finger wit medical tape....good luck. hope... Read More »