What is going on with my teeth?

Answer Everyone's teeth are a different color. Mine are kind of see through and look grey. That may be the normal color for your teeth. The next time you get your teeth cleaned just ask your dentist.

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Are you going through dialysis What are your side effects Does the exhaustion fade with timeAre you going t?

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Tough it out! its not bad!!! there are people who cant afford a nice mile who wish to be in your position!!there are many people with abscessed teeth who had a root canal done with no lidocaine

I'm going to get 4 teeth pulled and i'm TERRIFIED?

I would go ahead, and get the removed, if I were you! Don't be too terrified about it. Just remember, in the end, you will have straight, pretty teeth! :D It will all be worth it, in the end!

I am going to get my wisdom teeth out on 5 hours.?

Don't spit or drink through straws after wards. You might get dry sockets.