What is going on with my compyter?

Answer it's looks like display adapter driver corrupted or damaged... try to reinstall new driver... or try do system restore... which date when ur computer is good... if this not solving this issue... ma... Read More »

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Why my compyter is slow ?

You have a very small amount of ram.. I would upgrade to at least 1GB. and what type of CPU is it, because if thats a Pentium 4 then its quite outdated already. May be time to get a new computer.

Are you going through dialysis What are your side effects Does the exhaustion fade with timeAre you going t?

Hi Dreamy.I am not on dialysis but I am a RN & have worked with dialysis clients in a hospital setting.I assume you are doing hemodialysis rather than PD, but you would need to let me know.Fatigue ... Read More »

How do i tell my mom that my sister is going on a date.(she is 11)and our mom hates the guy she is going with.?

you could make an anonymous phone call from the restorant where you are dining out

Is what's app really going to open with paying or it's still going to be free...?

In part its true, but not because of anything that message sent. That's just a chain message.WhatsApp on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry all are free, but charge $0.99/year thereafter. On the iP... Read More »