What is going on with my breast?

Answer Hello,There are different stages of breast development in girls which show how the breast grows. The whole process is the part of puberty. As the age of a girl increases, she gets near to the age o... Read More »

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Why would you get period-like bleeding at five weeks pregnant along with nausea and lower-back discomfort but your breast tenderness is going away?

Should I be bleeding at 5 weeks There is a good chance that you are having a miscarriage.You should call your doctor right away or go to the ER. Answer Some women do experience light bleeding or sp... Read More »

If you are not going to breast feed what are the steps you have to take?

I would strongly encourage you to at least offer your first breast milk - the colostrum - for the first few days because it is so rich in antibodies and good things for your baby. Answer Don't do ... Read More »

Is a fullness sensation in the breast associated with breast cancer?

On One Hand: It May Indicate CancerPhysical symptoms of breast cancer may include a sensation of fullness. According to Lewis-Gale Medical Center, as a tumor grows, patients may experience swelling... Read More »

How are we ever going to know what to call that person w/the married couple & pink breast ribbon in the avatar?