What is going on with facebook?

Answer wait a second I will ask emI'm calling ....Hello, facebook support team, how can we help you?Well I just wanna know what's wrong with facebook today, everyone is asking the same Q so I decided to c... Read More »

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Facebook isn't Working 9/22/10 Does Anyone know Whats is Going on with Facebook?

THEY JUST REPORTED IT ON THE NEWS.C'mon. It's a social network site. Go outside.

Are you going through dialysis What are your side effects Does the exhaustion fade with timeAre you going t?

Hi Dreamy.I am not on dialysis but I am a RN & have worked with dialysis clients in a hospital setting.I assume you are doing hemodialysis rather than PD, but you would need to let me know.Fatigue ... Read More »

Okay, what is going on Facebook this joke isn't funny at all, and I'm calling the police.?

You shouldn't be signed into your account all the time anyway. Learn to clean your cookies and adobe flash player too. LOL you wrote so much. Don't delete the question. Save it for posterity. It's ... Read More »

What should I call this event that I'm going to create on facebook Really short and I'll answer yours!!!?

Movie NightMovie ShowingMovie DateMovie fiesta