How to Be a Kane Fan?

Answer Kane, the "Big Red Machine" or the "Big Red Monster", has been a fan favorite, a legend for some whether he's a heel or face.

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What is the origin of the name Kane?

The origin of the name Kane is Irish and Gaelic, meaning "little battler." It is generally used as a boy's name. There is also a Japanese form of the name pronounced "kah-nay," which means "to pu... Read More »

Who is Kane's father?

The father of Kane, often spelled as Cain, is Adam. Kane's mother is Eve. God banished Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. Kane has a brother named Abel whom he eventually kills because God ac... Read More »

What is the name of Kane's theme song?

Kane is a wrestler for World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). The song played as Kane enters the ring before a match is titled "Slow Chemical" and is performed by the band Finger Eleven.Source:Amazon... Read More »

How to Chokeslam an Opponent Like Kane?

It's a little hardcore. But its better than Big Shows it looks a little more realistic and painful. Bear with me!