What is going on during the 31st week of a pregnancy?

Answer With only about nine weeks until the birth, a woman in the 31st week of pregnancy is in the middle of the third trimester. During this time, most mothers find it necessary to slow down a bit and re... Read More »

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What symptoms should you expect during your second week of pregnancy?

Answer This webpage should be able to ask your question Answer During your second week you won't even know you are pregnant so you will just get premenstrual symptoms.

What is minimum hemoglobin value during 36th week of pregnancy for normal delivery?

AnswerWhatever your hemoglobin level a normal vaginal delivery means you lose far less blood than an operative delivery so there is no minimum.If you are talking about delivery at home with a midwi... Read More »

How should I feel during week 5 of pregnancy?

During the fifth week of pregnancy, you may begin to feel the symptoms of pregnancy for the first time. At this point in your pregnancy, your fetus is now visible to the naked eye and is beginning ... Read More »

Is Amoxillin a safe drug to consume during the 8th week of pregnancy?

Answer Yes, it has been used for a long time and no problems have occurred.From the websitePregnant women: Can be administered during pregnancy; no particular risks are known.