How Can You Remove the Bad Odor From a Glue Made From Starch?

Answer Starch does not have a strong odor by itself, but the combination of the other ingredients it takes to make glue can make the air, furniture and house in general have an extremely strong and unplea... Read More »

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How do you decrease viscosity of glue made from tapioca?

Tapioca is a starch used in the Food and Beveridge Industries. It is found in Bread, wheat and rice noodles, condiments and canned foods. Ice Cream needs starch and a strengthening agent. There are... Read More »

What is the temperature of the glue from a glue gun?

Glue guns are designed to operate at two temperatures. At low temperature glue guns extrude glue at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, while at the high temperature setting the glue is at 380 degrees Fahrenhe... Read More »

What is elmers glue made of?

AnswerElmer's glue is made from polyvinyl acetate and polyvinyl alcohol. Although the exact composition as well as other additives are not exactly known.

What are glue sticks made of?

Around for almost half a century, glue sticks have infiltrated almost every classroom and business. While the combined mixture of ingredients to produce the glue sticks are classified as nontoxic, ... Read More »