What is glucerna used for?

Answer Glucerna products, which include shakes, cereals and snack bars, are designed to be nutritional supplements or meal-replacement options for people with diabetes. They are made with ingredients that... Read More »

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Glucerna Shake for Hair Growth?

Glucerna shakes are a brand of liquid supplement formulated to manage the unique dietary needs of diabetics. The shakes also provide many of the key vitamins and nutrients necessary for general hai... Read More »

How much free water is in Glucerna 1.2?

Eight fluid ounces of Glucerna 1.2 contain 212 mg of free water. This is equivalent to 848 mL of free water per 1 L of Glucerna 1.2 or 84.8 percent free water.Source:MIMS: Glucerna 1.2

Does Medicare cover glucerna?

Glucerna is both a vitamin supplement and available over-the-counter, therefore Medicare Part D will not cover it. Medicare Part D law excludes any Part D plan from covering drugs or supplements th... Read More »

Do Glucerna bars make anyone elses throats hurt?

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