How to Start a Glee Club?

Answer Choir of kidsGlee club can be a chance to connect with other people with talents like or as amazing as yours. Here is how you can start one just like the one on TV.(with the exception of a lot of d... Read More »

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Who was the young lady in the Navy uniform in the USMA Glee Club on ESPN today and why was she there?

Why is Glee season 2 all about Kurt nothing ageist gays but it's getting monotonous the gay theme on Glee?

I have the exact same feeling. Some say it's because of the strong controversy revolving around Proposition 8. Another rumor is that Kurt, being the most popular character according to polls on Fox... Read More »

How to Be Like Brittany from Glee?

Brittany started out as a minor character on the show and quickly transformed into a fan favorite.While she may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, her lovable personality and awesome sense of st... Read More »

What are your thoughts on Glee?

I love the show it's really well done the actors actually know what there doing which I can't say for alot of shows I also fell that it can help with life problems in a comedic way.