What is glaze when painting walls?

Answer The application of glaze is the step taken after the final coat of color paint has been applied and is completely dry. A glaze is used to give depth and to create different textures and patterns on... Read More »

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What is the cleanest, most accurate way to get good trim lines when painting walls?

I'm not quite sure if you're talking about borders meaning between the ceiling and wall, or if you're talking about stripes. If you're talking about not getting clean lines at the ceiling (a proble... Read More »

How do I get clean lines when painting walls?

Repair All SeamsEnsure you have straight lines to begin with by filling in any cracks, gaps or depressions with latex caulk that you can prime and paint, or use drywall compound where walls meet ot... Read More »

Should i thin my paint when painting my walls?

On One Hand: Paint Should Be Ready To Go As IsYour paint should be ready to go as is so you don't need to thin it out. explains that the performance of your paint may not be as... Read More »

How to Remove Paint Glaze from Walls?

You can't remove glaze from walls that has dried. It has formed a chemical and mechanical bond to the paint underneath. You can only sand it off - you'll have to repaint in any event since you'll a... Read More »