What is glass glazing?

Answer Glass glazing is treatment applied to glass which provides the desired heat flow and radiation allowed through the glass. Builders can apply glass glazing techniques to produce customized window tr... Read More »

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What Is PC Glazing?

In automobiles, glazing refers to the windshield and other windows which are typically made from glass. However, PC glazing has emerged as a viable alternative to traditional glass glazing.

What Is Embedded Glazing?

Embedded glazing is a type of painting technique for walls, stairs, ceilings, columns and window frames in a home. It uses a glaze, which has metallic specs in it. This adds dimension to the surfac... Read More »

What is window glazing?

Window glazing is the process of sealing a glass window pane to a window frame. The term can also refer to the many technologies for manufacturing and coating window glass. In all cases, window gla... Read More »

What is a glazing contractor?

A job title in the construction industry, a glazing contractor installs, replaces and removes glass used in windows, doors and panels, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Glazing cont... Read More »