What is geo thermal drilling?

Answer The term "geothermal drilling" refers to the process of drilling deep into the earth's crust to find cheap and safe renewable energy. Scientists are still divided as to whether geothermal drilling ... Read More »

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Which is warmer: thermal or silk thermal underwear?

On One Hand: They Are Equally WarmThere is silk thermal underwear, and then there is thermal underwear made from a variety of other materials. One of the most common and basic is wool thermal under... Read More »

Does oil or gas come first when drilling?

Crude oil is the result of sediment and micro-organisms being compacted together over millions of years. Over time, these crushed organisms combine to make oil. Crude oil that has been drilled from... Read More »

How much oil drilling is in the usa?

The United States produces about 8.5 million barrels of oil per day. About 97 percent of the intercontinental shelf drilling in the United States is by oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico, according to ... Read More »

Is China Drilling for Oil?

China, which imports more than 50 percent of its oil consumption, has expanded its oil drilling operations, especially off-shore drilling, in recent years. China has also purchased oil leases aroun... Read More »