What is generic medicine?

Answer Choosing generic medication over name brand can save both the consumer and the insurance company a lot of money. But for many, the difference between generic and name brand drugs is unknown.Identif... Read More »

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What is meant by generic forms of medicine?

After the patent for a brand-name drug expires, other companies can produce copies of the drug. These "copies" are called generic drugs. Until the patent expires, only the company that holds the pa... Read More »

Is western medicine just applied statistics What then is alternative medicine?

Statistics is the powerful tool used to cut through masses of data and decide whether product A is responsible for effect X or whether that effect is down purely to chance. It can also show whether... Read More »

If you guys don't trust traditional medicine, what makes you think that herbal medicine works better?

Everyone here is citing the "because we see it work" reason (which I often agree with), but I'm more in favor of the "becasue it's less dangerous and likely to hurt you reason." (for the same reas... Read More »

What is the next big frontier in medicine Is it Energy Medicine?

it isn't real medicine if you're not risking your life by using it.