What is general liability class code 94007?

Answer class code 94007 is a class description for excavation

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What is the Class code for General Liability?

61223 Buildings or Premises - Bank and Other Financial Institutions 61216 Buildings or Premises - Bank or Office - Mercantile or Mfg (Lessor's Risk Only) 61227 Buildings or Premises - Office, Not f... Read More »

General liability class code for a laundramat?

Depending on the business itself, it could be : 14731 Laundries and Dry Cleaners - self-service or 14733 Laundry and Dry Cleaning Stores.

What is the General Liability Class Code 91580?

What is general liability class code 91583?

Contractors - subcontracted work - in connection with building construction, reconstruction,repair or erection - one or two family dwellings