What is general ledger accounting?

Answer General ledger accounting is a double-entry system of recording transactions that occur in a company. Every transaction is recorded in the general ledger, and information is readily available for t... Read More »

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Difference Between a General Journal & General Ledger in Accounting?

Accountants use different tools when recording and reporting a company's financial transactions. Two of the most common tools are the general journal and general ledger. Most -- if not all -- compa... Read More »

General Ledger Accounting Methods?

A general ledger is used by accountants to record journal entries of all business transactions. This ledger records transactions using debits and credits and must always balance out with equal amou... Read More »

The General Ledger in Accounting Basics?

The General Ledger is the principal record of a business' operations and financial position. The general ledger consists of a number of accounts that provide information regarding the profitabilit... Read More »

How to Write an Accounting Ledger?

Keeping a general ledger (sometimes called a ledger) is an important part of the accounting process. The ledger allows the company to quickly view all the transactions affecting a particular accoun... Read More »