What is galileo most famous for?

Answer Galileo Galilei, also known as the "Father of Modern Observational Astronomy," "Father of Modern Physics" and "Father of Modern Science," played a major role in the Scientific Revolution. In physic... Read More »

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What was Galileo known for?

Galileo Galilei, an Italian mathematician and astronomer who lived from 1564 to 1642, is known for developing the pendulum to measure time increments, developing an enhanced military compass, and d... Read More »

What is a GALILEO password?

The GALILEO password grants access to a number of databases, including the Digital Library of Georgia, accessed through participating library, school and college computer labs. The program is an in... Read More »

Where did Galileo do his research?

Galileo Galilei performed research in various places throughout his home country of Italy. However, his most noteworthy research was completed while he held appointments at the University of Pisa a... Read More »