What is fx trading?

Answer FX trading, or forex trading, is the process of purchasing money in one world currency while selling money in another currency at the same time. In basic terms, when you enter an FX trade, you are ... Read More »

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What is day trading?

Day trading is a method of playing the stock market that involves buying and selling stock rapidly in an attempt to profit on small shifts in the price.DefinitionWhen a person or company buys stock... Read More »

What are the rules of day trading?

Pattern day traders buy and sell financial investments on the same business day more than four times in a period of five business days. Amendments to regulations issued by both the National Associa... Read More »

What Is Pattern Day Trading?

Day trading is a way to participate in the stock market. Banks, institutions and individual investors can all engage the stock market in this way. It is extraordinarily risky work but offers great ... Read More »

What is Internet trading?

Internet trading is the term used to describe the buying and selling of financial products, such as stocks, over the Internet. It is a common way in which such products are currently bought and sol... Read More »