What the heck is fung shui?

Answer Feng Shui is the Oriental "science" of manipulating the flow of chi in your home and surrounding environment to produce the most efficient flow of energy (chi). Feng Shui literally means "wind and... Read More »

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What is fung shui health?

Feng shui is designed to increase positive energies. Many of the guidelines suggested are directly linked to the occupant's physical well-being. Using feng shui to improve the health of your home e... Read More »

What are the effects of feng shui in human?

Traditional Feng Shui aims to connect human beings to their living place, and ease their whole life by improving their destiny. Once the rules of a true lineage of Feng Shui are followed, the effec... Read More »

What can I do with feng shui to increase wealth?

Feng shui is a means to organize your surroundings to attract positive energies. Using feng shui in your home will not automatically make you wealthy, but it will support the efforts you are making... Read More »

Feng Shui?

It really depends on what type of Feng Shui you want to know more of: the new age type (where everything is generalized, no calculations, etc) or the traditional type (recognized individuality and ... Read More »