What is full coverage dental insurance?

Answer Full coverage dental insurance is simply standard dental insurance. With each plan you have different levels of coverage. Full does not mean coverage for everything. Your coverage varies by which i... Read More »

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If you have full coverage do you need UMPD coverage or will full coverage suffice if you are hit by an uninsured driver?

Answer you dont have to have umpd coverage if you have full coverage but most of the time on full coverage it has umpd and if you dont have umpd your collision will pay for fixing your vehicle but ... Read More »

What is full coverage car insurance?

Full coverage car insurance is a term often used to denote physical damage coverage. This includes both collision and comprehensive coverage and is commonly required by lienholders if you're financ... Read More »

What is considered full coverage insurance?

Full coverage auto insurance includes comprehensive, collision, liability and uninsured motorist. Drivers should know what each type of coverage is and what it covers when damage occurs to their ve... Read More »

What is full coverage Auto insurance?

AnswerI'm an auto insurance agent, so this should help you. Generally, "full coverage" refers to the vehicle having all your states required liability limits, and having comprehensive and collision... Read More »