What is full coverage auto insurance in Florida?

Answer Full auto coverage in Florida is required if you're financing your vehicle. It includes liability, comprehensive, collision and the state-required personal injury coverage. It's recommended for exp... Read More »

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What is full coverage Auto insurance?

AnswerI'm an auto insurance agent, so this should help you. Generally, "full coverage" refers to the vehicle having all your states required liability limits, and having comprehensive and collision... Read More »

What Is Considered Full Coverage Auto Insurance?

"Full coverage" is a term used in insurance which generally refers to policies covering costs incurred to both the insured driver's vehicle and those of others involved in a crash, along with perso... Read More »

What does full coverage auto insurance include?

Ideally, full coverage auto insurance would include every kind of coverage you would ever need. In practice, though, full coverage is usually taken to mean comprehensive and collision insurance. Ge... Read More »

How is PLPD insurance different from no-fault or full coverage auto insurance?

PLPD stands for Public Liability and Property Damage. It satisfies your obligation to the state, and offers no coverage to your vehicle's damage. PLPD also does NOT cover theft, fire, comprehensiv... Read More »