What is full conferencing on a telephone?

Answer Full-conferencing on a telephone is almost the same as a conference call, except that everyone uses their own individual, touch-tone phones. Everyone can speak on the conference, however, the opera... Read More »

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How does telephone conferencing work?

Telephone conference calling allows people to communicate from different locations via a shared conference line connection. There are dozens of services that provide the conferencing feature for no... Read More »

How telephone numbers are assign to the subscribers by the telephone exchange?

All the numbers go into a giant pool as they build a central office. In the old days, they used to allocate specific numbers for different functions, like maybe the 6500 group for business hunting... Read More »

Can you transfer a landline telephone number to a cellular telephone?

It is possible to take your landline telephone number and transfer it to a cellular telephone, according to Utility Consumers' Action Network. Numbers can also be transferred from one cell phone pr... Read More »

I'm with TalkTalk for my telephone and broadband but I like to use the internet and use my telephone.?

When you were a child, did you make a telephone out of cocoa tins connected by a piece of string?That's your broadband connection that is. That's the Talk Talk network. That's their state of the ar... Read More »