Does high fructose corn syrup have a different glycemic index from crystalline fructose from corn?

Answer To answer your question specifically, I think fructose is fructose no matter where it comes from. So, the answer would be 19. As long as it is pure fructose, the GI should be the same. This is one ... Read More »

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What is fructose compounding?

Fructose compounding is a patented process by which minerals are bonded to fructose. According to the company that holds the patent for this process, fructose compounding makes it easier for the bo... Read More »

What Is Fructose Sugar?

Fructose sugars, naturally found only in fruit, vegetables and honey, are crystalized and used to sweeten drinks and food. Experts believe fructose is a safe natural sweetner.

What is fructose used for?

Manufacturers use fructose and fructose derivatives to sweeten processed foods and medicines. The water-soluble monosaccharide (simple sugar) occurs naturally in fruits, honey and vegetables. When ... Read More »

What Does Fructose Consist Of?

Fructose is a carbohydrate that gives many foods their sweet flavors. It is also a monosaccharide or a simple sugar. Combined with glucose, it forms the disaccharide, sucrose, also known as table s... Read More »