What is french mill soap?

Answer French milled soaps are believed to be some of the finest soaps made. You'll find this type of soap in fancy hotels and toiletry shops. French milled soap is also known as triple milled soap.Rollin... Read More »

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How to French Mill Soap at Home?

French milling creates a bar of soap that is harder and longer-lasting than traditional soaps. Milling takes time, but the resulting bar has a crisp appearance and a smooth feel. When it is exposed... Read More »

How to French Mill Soap Pieces?

French milling refers to a process where soap is melted for a second time, and the soap base passed through steel rollers. Crystals formed during the initial drying process, responsible for a gritt... Read More »

What does it mean to mill soap?

Milled soap is regular soap that has been chipped into small pieces. Water is added and the soap is then compressed through stainless steel rollers until it melts. Sometimes various soaps are mixed... Read More »

How to Mill Soap at Home?

Hand-milling your own soap provides you with a blank canvas for experiments with scent and color combinations. It may also offer a solution to stubborn allergies to commercial soap or an inexpensiv... Read More »