Should we have the freedom to eat what we want?

Answer What's the alternative? Vegetables? You mean, the things that once had life before being eaten by vegetarians and vegans? Beans? They had life once, too ... believe it or not. Fish? Don't eve... Read More »

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Why is driving associated with freedom?

Being able to do what you, want when you want? Say you wanted to go somewhere out of town.. buses on sunday service, jump in the car. Need to get somewhere fast, jump in the car. It gives you the a... Read More »

Why do kids have no freedom?

I am guessing that you are a young person that and beginning to feel the urges that will eventually drive you from the nest. This is a normal part of your development.The fact is that freedom is re... Read More »

What does freedom of petition mean?

The right to appeal directly to the government was one of the issues of the American Revolution. The American patriots fought long and hard for the freedom of petition.IdentificationFreedom of peti... Read More »

Why does the cia have more freedom of action?