How to Stretch for Free Running?

Answer Free running, which is a variation of parkour, teaches you to adapt your body movements to surmount any obstacle in your path. Because it is a full-body workout, you will need stretches that will l... Read More »

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How to Start Free Running?

Free running is the art of movement through any environment with fluidity and skill. It is usually done in an environment cluttered with obstacles that a participant uses to navigate with in a comp... Read More »

How to Do a Cat to Cat Free Running Pole Jump?

Free running is a challenging sport, so wear a decent pair of shoes when starting up. This article tells you all about the simple cat to cat.

How to Get Started in Parkour/Free Running?

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How to Roll in Parkour/Free Running?

Have you wanted to land from a high fall, or just wanted to safely land from a jump? Well, this is a how to on doing a correct roll. Be sure to read the Tips and Warnings before attempting this!