What is found within the chemical bonds between atoms?

Answer Molecules are formed when atoms are attracted and held together by chemical bonds. There are several kinds of chemical bonds, all involving the sharing or exchange of electrons.ElectronsElectrons a... Read More »

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How are chemical bonds formed between atoms?

Interactions between atoms of different elements in the formation of chemical compounds, takes place through the formation of chemical bonds between the atoms. These interactions are dependent upon... Read More »

How many covalent bonds can carbon atoms have?

Covalent bonds are forces that hold atoms together and occur when atoms share electrons between each other. Each atom can only make a certain number of covalent bonds. Carbon atoms can make a total... Read More »

How many bonds can carbon form with other atoms?

Carbon (represented by the symbol "C" on the periodic table) is the basis of all organic chemistry. With other atoms, carbon can form only four single bonds, or two double bonds, or one triple bond... Read More »

How many bonds do the atoms make in lithium phosphate?

Lithium phosphate is formed by ionic bonds between three lithium ions (+1 charge each) and one phosphate ion (-3 charge). In addition, phosphate has a single covalent bond to three oxygens and one ... Read More »