What is formed when an egg&sperm fuse together?

Answer The fusion of an egg and sperm results in the conception of a new life in a process called fertilization. Over a span of nine months, these two single cells develop into a fully functioning and com... Read More »

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How to Fuse Objects Together in Forge in Halo 3?

Ever wonder how people make objects go inside other objects well you will learn now!

How many carpels fuse together to form an apple?

Apples contain five compartments called carpels that fuse together as an apple grows. Inside the hollow carpels are the apple seeds. Different varieties of apples have varying numbers of seeds in e... Read More »

What is the name for bones that fuse together that shouldn't?

I don't really know who is actually qualified to answer the Why of this but as I have some personal experience with this I am probably well qualified.I can recall as young as 5 years old wanting to... Read More »

What does it mean when your household fuse-box crackles when you turn something on?

You have probably got a loose wire inside the box and it 'may' catch fire. It needs to be checked out ASAP by a qualified sparky before it causes any damage.