What is formative assessment?

Answer Formative assessment is sometimes called assessment for learning--as contrasted with assessment of learning. Unlike summative tests, which measure student achievement, formative assessments help mo... Read More »

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How to Use Formative Assessment?

Formative assessment is a way of measuring students' progress throughout a course. Formative assessment can be formal or informal; in all its forms it allows a teacher to keep tabs on her students'... Read More »

What is a formative assessment in teaching?

A formative assessment is process that evaluates what a student is learning in the classroom. This allows teachers to determine students' strengths and weaknesses so that they know what material st... Read More »

Formative Assessment in Schools?

With the No Child Left Behind Act's focus on statewide accountability, assessment has become an important topic that can have high stakes for students, teachers and administrators. Formative assess... Read More »

Formative Assessment Issues?

Formative assessment strategies are used by teachers to gather feedback about student skill levels and improve teaching strategies based on the feedback. The results of periodic benchmark assessmen... Read More »