What is form 1099c?

Answer Form 1099-C is used to report the cancellation of a debt. According to Internal Revenue Service Publication 4681, when a debt for which you are personally responsible is canceled or forgiven, you m... Read More »

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How to Show a 1099C on IRS Form 1040?

Lenders provide Form 1099-C to taxpayers if the taxpayers had any debt cancellation during the previous year. The Internal Revenue Service considers the cancellation of debt to be income received b... Read More »

How do i file a 1099c with a bankruptcy?

If you are having financial difficulties, you may have had one or more debts forgiven or reduced. For example, you may have renegotiated a mortgage, or made a settlement with a credit card company ... Read More »

Do I have to claim a 1099C for a short sale on a home?

If you engage in a short sale and receive mortgage relief, you will receive a 1099-C form from your lender, which documents the debt reduction that you received. Between 2007 and 2012, however, th... Read More »

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