Which is Better: Forking or TPing a yard?

Answer Are you crazy? You can go to jail for that these days! TPing creates a large mess where as forking causes serious property damage. When they cut the grass they will tear up their lawn mower and if ... Read More »

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How do I make my computer run fater without forking out money?

Remove programs that are rarely used, those who you don't really need. That's the best I could think of.

C programming: forking multiple child processes from same parent?

int main(){pid_t child[2];int n = 2;int i;if( (child[0] = fork())!=0){if(( child[1]=fork())==0){printf("\n\nHello from Child ! My ID is %d",getpid());}else{printf("\n\nMy Parent's PID is %d\n\n",ge... Read More »