What Are the Consequences of Forgery?

Answer Forgery is a complex crime that falls under the umbrella of fraud and typically relates to the falsifying of documents or the making of a signature without authorization. While laws vary by municip... Read More »

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Is check forgery a felony?

Check forgery is considered a felony in a number of states, regardless of amount. Other states classify forgery as either a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the amount. Forgery does not always h... Read More »

Forgery Laws in Florida?

Forgery in the state of Florida carries stiff penalties geared to deter potential offenders from engaging in the false creation of financial and legal documents. Anyone convicted of this crime can ... Read More »

Penalties for Forgery in the State of Pennsylvania?

Forgery is a legal term that defines the process of imitating objects, documents or altering statistics with the intention of defrauding or deceiving. Forgery involves a willful and intentional mis... Read More »

What is the Statute of Limitations for Forgery in Texas?

Forgery is a criminal offense in Texas, but there is a limitation on how long after commission of the offense the government can prosecute an offender. How long the state has to file a charging ins... Read More »