What does the device"foreshadowing"mean?

Answer Foreshadowing means providing a hint of something that is to come. It is used as a literary device to prepare the reader for a development that might otherwise be shocking or difficult to accept. I... Read More »

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Writing Ideas for Foreshadowing?

Narrative-building is at the heart of good fiction. Literary devices such as irony, allusion, parallelism and foreshadowing lend depth and emotional range to a story, giving the work a sense of pur... Read More »

What does the literary device"foreshadowing"mean?

Foreshadowing is the presentation of a suggested outcome prior to its occurrence. Writers use this literary device to keep the reader engaged and interested in the outcome of a work of fiction.Sour... Read More »

What is a foreshadowing in Les Miserables in Cosette?

There are several foreshadowings in the novel when it comes to Cosette's character. Her beauty is often foreshadowed when her mother, Fantine, is described. Although her father wasn't described as ... Read More »

Example of foreshadowing in A Separate Peace?

In the beginning on this novel the tree is described as an "irate, steely black steeple beside the river. I was damned if I would climb it." The word damned directly tells how the tree will damn Ge... Read More »