What is foreseeable plaintiff?

Answer An important concept related to elements is that if a plaintiff fails to prove any one element of his claim, he loses on the entire tort claim. For example, assume that a particular tort has five e... Read More »

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Lets say - Judge Judy awards the plaintiff x amount of dollars for winning their case. I would like to know how does that plaintiff get paid. Does the plaintiff have to deposit the money into Court?

NO your Money will be deposited into a escrow account by your attorney. An escrow account is an account that your attorney name and your name is on that account. To make any withdrawal from tha acc... Read More »

Who was the plaintiff in Roe vs. Wade?

Norma L. McCorvey was the plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case Roe V. Wade. During the proceedings, McCorvey participated under the alias "Jane Roe." Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wad... Read More »

Can you sue a plaintiff for attorney fees?

A defendant can request that a plaintiff be forced to pay attorney fees in certain civil cases. For instance, the Supreme Court determined in a 1994 case the standards to use to decide if a defenda... Read More »

Does a plaintiff get a copy of the response to a motion?

Yes, a plaintiff does receive a copy of the response to a motion. Procedural rules require each party in a case to provide copies of motions to all parties to a case. This gives the parties opportu... Read More »