What is forensic surveying?

Answer Forensic surveying is a branch of professional surveying that analyzes and maps data collected for evidence in a criminal case. Forensic surveying is an intensive, very detail-oriented job that sho... Read More »

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What equipment is used in building surveying?

Buildings can be measured by retractable metal tapes up to 100 feet in length, or with a laser measuring device. Laser devices can accurately measure long distances up to about 600 feet, but cannot... Read More »

Quantity Surveying Courses?

Quantity surveyors, also known as construction estimators, generally manage all costs relating to civil engineering, building and construction projects from the initial calculations to the final fi... Read More »

Surveying Traverse Types?

Surveying is used to indicate exact dimensions within a given area using a variety of disciplines such as geometry, engineering, trigonometry and physics. Traversing is a method of surveying. A tra... Read More »

Who invented surveying equipment?

Gerard L'Estrange Turner describes the graphometer, theodolite and aneroid barometer as early surveying tools. Turner says the graphometer was invented in 1597 by Philip Dunfre of France; it works ... Read More »