What is forensic computing?

Answer Forensic computing is an investigative tool used to analyze digital data and media to determine if it contains any useful information that can aid in solving a crime.AccessInvestigators need to hav... Read More »

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What does Ram mean in computing?

Random Access Memory - I know what the letter stand for, but haven't a clue what it actually is, sorry.

What does I.T. mean in computing?

IT = Information Technology.rarely used in the industry which usually prefersICT = Information and Communication Technology.///

What do they mean by "cloud computing"?

Cloud computing is when a company stores customer and other information on the Internet rather than in their own hard drives.

How to Go Green With Computing?

In these days, shrinking your carbon footprint seems to be very important. How great that a lot of corporations have discovered our need to cleanse our environmental sins. Learn how to be green wit... Read More »