What is forensic blood typing?

Answer Forensic blood typing analyzes blood from a crime scene to identify the type of blood and to whom the blood belongs. Blood typing is part of forensic serology, which is the analysis of bodily fluid... Read More »

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If mother is O blood type and father is A blood type - what blood type will the baby have?

Let's go to genotypes... If it's AA X OO= AO, AO, AO, AO --> 100% Blood type A (AO) If it's AO X OO= AO, AO, OO, OO --> 50% Blood type A (AO), 50% Blood type of O (OO)

What is dictaphone typing?

Dictaphone typing refers to written transcripts based on audio recordings of spoken communication. The word dictaphone is often used as a generic term, although it can also refer to devices created... Read More »

What is APA format typing?

APA (American Psychological Association) style is a set of rules developed by behavioral and social scientists to standardize scientific writing. The APA manual provides information on such subject... Read More »

What causes delayed typing?

it could be your processor/computer or even slight chance your internet connection/settings/browser i need more details in order to help you